Jim Dolan  | ABC7 WABC News Team
Jim Dolan knew he wanted to be a reporter in New York before he finished grammar school. He came to Eyewitness News in 1986.

Since then, Jim has reported on virtually every major story around the world; The LA Riots, The Oklahoma City Bombing, civil wars and famine in Africa, the death of Princess Diana, The Persian Gulf War, The War in Afghanistan, and the Intifada in the Middle East.

Though he has reported from more than thirty countries on five continents, Jim has always had a great love for New York because there's nothing like reporting nightly on neighborhood stories close to home, and close to the heart.

Jim's Stories
Eric Adam's 28% approval rating is lowest by NYC mayor in over quarter century: poll
What's driving New Yorkers' unfavorable opinion of Mayor Eric Adams?
Bronx high school football team looks to turn adversity into triumph in state championship game
Cardinal Hayes High School is playing for the state championship this Saturday, and if they win, they'll be the first inner city team to ever win the state championship in football.
Heart of FDNY firefighter Billy Moon lives on in man on the brink of death
New York firefighter Billy Moon died last year in Brooklyn, in the line of duty, but on Thursday, his family got to hear his heart beat again.
Homeless residents of men's shelter in Queens being moved to undisclosed location
The residents of the men's shelter at the former Flushing Meadows Hotel are being moved - again, but they don't know where to.
Dozens of homeless men to be relocated from hotel in Queens
The shelter, residents were told, is being converted to house migrant families from Venezuela.
?douard Manet and Edgar Degas celebrated with new exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
The new exhibit, which opens Sept. 24, brings together 160 works from museums around the world.
Families unsure of future after vacating condemned buildings in Plainfield
The deadline to move out has passed, but for many, leaving their homes is not easy. Some are not sure they even want to move.
Queens doctor accused of raping, abusing women at hospital, in his home
Dr. Zhi Alan Cheng worked at New York Presbyterian Queens Hospital, and prosecutors say there are other victims they are now trying to find.
Security preparations underway in Washington head of Trump court appearance
Trump is expected to appear in person before Magistrate Judge Moxila Upadhyaya at 4 p.m. on Thursday.